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SOLVECO Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturer of specialized chemical products SOLVECOL®, SOLVANOL such as, among others:
washing and degreasing agents,
ethanol products.
SOLVECO Sp. z o.o. also carries out waste recovery, recycling and solvent distillation. The company's Blachownia plant is located in Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

The offer of SOLVECO Sp. z o.o. is addressed primarily to modern companies interested in reducing raw material costs, developing new products and environmental aspects of their business.

Blachownia w Kędzierzynie-Koźlu

The recipients of SOLVECO Sp. z o.o. products and services are, among others:

paint and varnish manufacturers,
manufacturers of construction chemicals,
manufacturers of automotive chemicals,
chemical confectioners
chemical industry companies,
pharmaceutical industry companies
Blachownia plant in Kędzierzyn-Koźle

companies of the refinery and petrochemical industry,
waste management companies.
The company offers these entities products with the most advantageous price to quality ratio and solvent waste recovery services.

The aim of SOLVECO Sp. z o.o. is to strengthen its leading position in the Polish market segments it serves and to achieve a leading position on the Central and Eastern European market. The Company achieves this goal through high quality of products and services, attractive prices, efficient customer service, innovation, effectiveness and ecological safety of applied technologies.

An important area of activity of SOLVECO Sp. z o.o. is recovery of waste containing solvents, recycling and distillation of solvents. Combining the recovery of solvents with their further in-depth processing is a very important feature of the innovative technologies of SOLVECO Sp. z o.o..

Solveco can accept for recovery most of the organic solvent waste on the market. The full list of waste codes that can be recovered can be found on the website concerning solvent recovery and waste management.

At the turn of 2009/2010, the installation for recovery of used refrigerant fluids - the first of its kind in Poland and unique on a European scale - was started. The expansion of this installation is planned. As part of its development strategy, the Company is developing and will develop its solvent recycling activities. The Company is intensifying its activity in this area and is integrating technological processes vertically as part of its constantly expanded technical base.

On the basis of its production installations and logistic and storage facilities (including the tank base) SOLVECO Sp. z o.o. also provides services - it offers, among others, the following

solvent distillation services,
solvent recovery service,
warehousing, transshipment and logistic services,
production on request.

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  • Inquiry
    In order to submit a request for proposal concerning the collection and management of waste in your possession, please fill in the "Waste information" form, and then send the completed form to: 
    or at the: 660 120 384 

    Form (download): Information about the waste.
  • Transfer of waste

    Below you will find a specimen of the waste transfer card form, which may be helpful in filling in the documents accompanying the transferred waste.

    Form (download): Waste transfer card.

Environmental policy - sustainable development

New technologies and environmentally friendly solutions are issues inseparable from our business and directly related to sustainable development.

By taking up production activities, we have taken on responsibility for environmental and employee issues. The best evidence confirming the above statement is the fact that each of the undertakings completed so far and currently planned for implementation has been and is considered, designed and executed in close connection with the latest technologies in the field of environmental protection and with concern for the comfort and safety of the employees.


It is our duty to take action to reduce environmental impact.

Within the framework of the investments carried out so far, we have taken numerous actions aimed at reducing the environmental impact as much as possible. Among many others, the key importance here is the application of measures to reduce the emission of solvent product vapours into the atmosphere, exceeding the adopted minimum:
the application of measures to prevent excessive evaporation of stored raw materials and products,
application of full airtight sealing systems on each of the operating elements of storage, handling and production installations, 

until finally the use of processes to freeze residual amounts of raw material and solvent products that could not be avoided during production processes.
So far, we have also applied a number of other solutions that have been designed to take action in the event of possible emergencies. We hope that the design and implementation of several effective measures to support possible rescue operations can, with proper training and approach, significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the environmental impact of the installation even in abnormal operating conditions. Such measures include, among others
use of tight and connected to the industrial sewage system protective trays under the whole park of storage tanks and reloading stations, 

the use of fixed and semi-fixed foam systems, enabling, on the one hand, effective extinguishing action and, on the other hand, being elements intended to eliminate emissions of raw materials and products in case of emergency leaks. 

As you can see, the use of new technologies is a basic tool to eliminate the adverse environmental impact in each of its areas. 


Ireneusz Winiarski Prezes - współwłaściciel i.winiarski@solveco.pl +48 576 984 999
Tomasz Rozy Wiceprezes Zarządu t.rozy@solveco.pl +48 606 318 290
Marek Kalinowski Wiceprezes Zarządu m.kalinowski@solveco.pl +48 505 121 211
Marek Kotecki Dyrektor Techniczny m.kotecki@solveco.pl +48 603 504 737
Kordian Korczyński Wiceprezes-Współwłaściciel k.korczynski@solveco.pl
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Solveco Sp. z o.o.
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